Sunday, 28 September 2008


Tha mi sgiiiiiiiiith. Bha mi ag ionnsachachd Gaelic ann an Ath Leathann le Daibhidh Grannd agus tidsearean.
I am tiiiiiiiired. I've been learning Gaelic in Broadford with Daibhidh Grannd and teachers.
The course was organised by Cli Gaelic and was a 6 day intensive using the Ulpan method (that's the lovely Daibhidh in the photo in the link). It was just fantastic, really effective and such fun! We covered 24 units of the 216 which lead to fluency, and we were guinea pigs for the next round of trainee tutors. One of the tutors is hoping and intending to start classes locally so we can continue with the learning. I really hope it comes off as I so want to consolidate how much I've learned this week. The week was hectic and exhausting - I'd come home and walk the dogs and fall into bed as early as possible! Well worth the experience, though, and so much fun.

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