Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Here's some inspiring photos

Ali the Artist is not coming up with the goods...

...Tuesday came and went in a blur of bus trips and shopping and doctor's appointments and a visit from my minister and dog walking and no artwork got done. What's new????
I'm watching a BBC4 tv programme called Picture Book, about childrens' book illustrations. My Diploma in Art (more or less the equivalent of the current BA) is in Illustration and Printmaking, and illustration has always been close to my heart. I'm contemplating an illustrated story of my grandson's adventures on Hallowe'en (assuming he had any; and, if not, I can "talk it up"!).
Please note I said "contemplating"...
The only free time I'll have this week is on Sunday and, as I'm hopefully (if they get the numbers) teaching a knitting class starting next Tuesday, I will need to use Sunday for that. Ho hum. Life always gets in the way. It didn't when I was a teenager and drew every spare minute of my time. I guess that was in the days before responsibilities.
I'm still struggling greatly with energy, bad sleep, aches and PAINS in my legs and feet... I'm so bloomin' tired all the time, I am greatly fed up with it! So there!