Monday, 8 September 2008

Brea and puppies

I've finished the Brea Bag, I finished it on Friday night, watching the finale of Big Brother 9! I haven't blocked it, as is a bit obvious from the photo, and I suppose I really should get into the habit. I'll either carefully steam press it or may even felt it. I haven't yet decided. I haven't yet felted the other bag so they could go in together, though I know the yarn used in the Brea Bag won't felt so easily.

In the meantime, I've already completed one of Jean Greenhowe's Rascals, in black with a blue collar. They are really cute and I'd like to do a pile of them for the Lab Rescue fundraiser. I do hope I'm going to have enough time. I'm back at work now and the week's going to be full. Photo to come (I left the wee rascal at work by mistake!).

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