Saturday, 20 September 2008

My latest parcel from SP!

This actually arrived last Saturday (13th), my daughter was too late to pick it up from the Post Office for me on Monday and I finally got it on Tuesday morning. I was blown away, yet again, by my Secret Pal's wonderful thoughfulness. Here is a photo of the whole stash:

The appropriately purple and green theme continues and can you see what she's done? She's replaced my broken bamboo dpns!! And with better quality ones, too!

And look! There are some Kool Aid powders to dye yarn! Yippee!! I can't wait to give it a try, just need to get some undyed yarn now.

There's a lovely wee wooden star necklace - how thoughtful is that?! I wore it all week. (Took it off for a bath the other morning and am wondering where I put it...)

And will you please look at the lollipops?! What can I say?! Here's a close-up of the green one. Isn't that a lovely touch? Stars, purple, green...!

That's a really lovely woven bag in the middle, in my colours, of course, purple and green! How amazing. This is perfect for keeping my circular needles in!

But what blew me away and brought me to tears was the information about the bag on the little ticket that came with it:

I just thought this was so considerate and thoughtful (is there a difference between those two virtues, I wonder...!), and tied in so appropriately with my work at Rag Tag n Textile.

(Talking of which, it's been nothing but admin since I got back from having the flu and too much of it! I've not had a chance to do anything creative there since July. This coming week I'm taking part in an intensive Gaelic course on Skye so won't be getting down to anything creative in RTT til October!! Not that they really need me, the co-ordinators and the textile operatives are producing some fabulous stuff now. The website should go live soon...!)

Back to my SP. I have been so touched and amazed and delighted with the fantastic gifts from my SP. I know others have had bad experiences in the past but SP has been nothing but great for me!

Thank you, my dear Secret Pal, for all your wonderful gifts. I feel very spoiled indeed! It's been a total joy.


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