Saturday, 13 September 2008

Puppies and felting

I have finished one of the Rascal dogs for the Lab Rescue fundraiser, but it's been commandeered by my grandson! He wants another one with a red collar, to match my dogs (even though I no longer use the colour-coded collars!).

What I like best about this pattern is how the head is stitched on so that it can swivel! It's very cute and only about 2.5" high. I'm intending to get busy tonight and tomorrow, knitting more, as I have a very busy week at work and likely won't get much done during the week. I already have one yellow one almost finished.
At Rag Tag n Textile today, we had a feltmaking workshop with textile artist Meg Miller. In the morning we made flat felt, adding bits and pieces to make patterns, abstract or figurative, and in the afternoon we made a felt flower, along with a felted split-bead centre and felted stamens. It was a lot of fun, if wet and messy and leaving us with wrinkled fingers! Photos to follow later (they're on the work computer!).
The new cafe, Sheila's Cafe, is open in Balmacara Square and we had lunch there. If anyone reading this is in the area, you must visit it. The food is simple and excellent - hearty lentil and ham soup, filled rolls and sandwiches, yummy home baking, teas and coffees - and extremely reasonably priced. A bowl of soup and a filled roll was less than £6! It's going to be a favourite with us for sure and a much-needed social focal point for the Square residents.

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