Monday, 21 May 2007

Let's get started...

This is a very deliberate desensitisation / exposure exercise on my part. I tell everyone I have an artist's block and, while that is true, it's also true that I am already an artist - or at least that's what I've determined to tell myself and that is the purpose of this blog. It was inspired by the blog of my friend and fellow art graduate, Frank.
If I put myself out there, perhaps I'll start to believe it, I tell myself, then perhaps I'll start to produce more...
Below are photos of my most recent creation, a textile sculpture for an exhibition, Weaving with Words
. I'm very pleased with the final outcome, although it was done in a rush for a deadline and not all of it is to as high a standard as I'd like. Also some of the sweeties have now been nicked during the tour - I suspected this would happen!
The piece is called Agnes' Feast and is based on a short piece of writing about watching my elderly and deaf paternal grandmother, Agnes, totally focused on and relishing her food, an afternoon tea.
"She was as devoured by the experience as the food she was devouring."

All of it is made from fabric, except for the china cup and the cellophane on the sweeties. All the pieces of fruit are made from felt (not felted), except the apple which is velvet.
If only I would spend as long on creating as I've spent watermarking and uploading these photos...!
There's more to come, mainly from the past - this will be my personal exhibition space.