Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Secret Pal 12 Final Parcel - wow!

Here we go with my final parcel. What a whopper!
3 purple tissue paper parcels, 4 white tissue paper parcels and one green silk bag with something in it! It feels like... so much generosity! I'm a wee bit overwhelmed.

First parcel unwrapped:
It's a very bad photo but I think it's clear this is a pawprint paper punch! And green!!

Second small purple parcel (funny how I went for the purple first!):
I squealed with delight. Buttons. Stars, of course, I always love stars.

Then the mysterious long thin purple package:
It's a Namaste Cali needle Cozy! I've never seen such a thing before. What a great idea and such a gorgeous colour!

Ok, onto the white parcels, clearly something soft and interesting in each. Left to right, here's number one:
Definitely a big squeal with this one! Socks That Rock yarn!!! Yipee!! Wow, I know I'm going over the top but I am so thrilled to get some yarns that I've only heard of. Thank you SP!

White parcel no 2:
Gosh I was touched. Knitted by my SP herself, especially for me. Lovely thick yarn in gorgeous colours. Lovely wristwarmers. Gosh I'm still touched! And, having checked my SP's blog (see below) I've discovered they're made in Manos del Uruguay 100% wool. How lovely to see them being knitted!

Here's a photo of my left arm with one on!
Ok, onto white parcel no 3:
Lovely sock yarn. This time a name I've not heard of. Gosh when will I do all this knitting? I can't wait!

White parcel no 4: Aurancia Atacama! Oh yummy! I've always wanted to try their yarn! Oh the joys of having a Secret Pal from the States! Isn't this yarn gorgeous? I'm gobsmacked by all this. And there's more to come!

The bag turns out to be a Della Q Eden silk project bag. Another glamorous name! Such a treat, all this is. And inside:Oh huge whoops of delight! Noro Iro, wool silk blend! Oh oh OH! What will I knit with this?! Oh!! The photo makes it look much browner than it is; in reality, it's a gorgeous blend of pinks and purples and browns and turquoise and... I can't wait to knit this up and to scour the internet looking for a suitable pattern! Maybe a Moebius cowl... Yu-mmy!

I am really overwhelmed by the amount of yarn, it is such a luxurious treat to be given so much, especially yarn I've only heard of on the internet or in Ravelry.

So who is this wonderfully generous woman who's sent me all this gorgeous stuff? Her name is Mia, her blog is here. Mia, thank you so very very much for all your lovely and thoughtful (purple and green!) gifts. I really am blown away by your generosity and the care you've taken in choosing for me.


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ambermoggie said...

What a fabulous parcel and you deserve it:) Look forward to seeing what you knit