Thursday, 30 October 2008

Ali the Artist is struggling

I've been wanting to work on some artwork for over 4 weeks now and have made not one iota of a start on anything. Life gets in the way too much. I've been really sore, aching and tired for several days and just can't clear the space in my head or my life to do anything.

However last night, while doing some work on Shrink Yourself, I committed to (at the very least) working out a plan of action and taking the first baby step.

Today, when I was walking the dogs, I took some photos in the woods. It was a bright sunny day today and actually quite warm in the sun (though cold out of it and it's freezing again tonight) and the sunlight on the trees was amazing:

I have promised myself to make a start on a watercolour of this, my favourite little bridge, sometime either at the weekend or on Tuesday next week (I committed myself to Tuesday then remembered I'm free all weekend!):The shadows are perhaps a bit too strong to deal with in a painting but we shall see (I might try to leave them out!). Watch this space!

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