Saturday, 18 October 2008

I forgot to mention Ùlpan!

There was a meeting last Saturday with Susanne, who trained on the Ùlpan course I took part in, and Morag, who trained earlier in the year in Portree, about regular Ùlpan courses in Skye & Lochalsh. There were only 5 people there out of the 13 on my course, with interest expressed by another few. Most of the people there hadn't done Ùlpan before and were keen to start. The most likely class looks like a morning one twice a week in Sleat. Some of us post-beginners wanted an early evening class, others wanted a Friday night/all day Saturday ever 3 (or maybe 4) weeks. I can the pros and cons of both. Twice weekly is a big commitment and life (and work) will inevitably get in the way. However regular drip drip feeding will be more effective than a blast of it on a Friday and Saturday every 3 (or 4) weeks, but could be more manageable in terms of planning. I don't care really, I just want it to happen. As they need 8 people to make a class viable, I'm not sure we'll have enough of us post-beginners. I would hate to have to wait the 12 weeks it'll take for the beginners to catch up, as I'm quite sure I'd lose a lot of what I've gained in the first 24 units. Watch this space as something is definitely going to happen!

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