Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Vogue knitting patterns

Are they all so incomprehensible?! As mentioned previously, I'm knitting the wedding shrug from the spring/summer 2008 VK. Well, almost ALL of the pattern has been replaced with a correction on the website. I'm thankful I checked there before trying to finish it. Even so, there are still mistakes in the correction! I know because, in trying to get the tension/gauge of the yarn I'm using to fit the pattern, I've knitted, frogged, knitted, frogged, knitted, frogged and knitted the pattern, so I'm very familiar with it and understand its structure. And I think there might just be another knitted and frogged in there!
I'm a bit shocked that so much of the pattern has been replaced and that the corrections also have errors. Am I naive to think that VK is the best thing?? I've always loved the magazine and have some from the 80s, when I was last into knitting in such a big way. I collect them for inspiration and for techniques. But if the techniques in the patterns aren't right...?!


Suna said...

I've made two patterns from that issue, and both had corrections--one huge corrections that I didn't find until after I had figured out my own solution and finished the sweater.

I think they have a technical editing issue right now. The summer 2008 had some incredibly nice patterns, though. I love the one you are making, but am now glad I chose to make a shawl rather than that for my wedding!

Ali the Artist said...

I've mixed feelings. On the one hand I'm so glad it's not only me that's had problems. On the other, I'm disappointed that such an up-market publication can't get it right. I hope they manage to improve the editing in future.