Friday, 18 July 2008

Doggie update

Here's an up-to-date photo of my girls:Jet, the mother, on the left, Jazz, the daughter, on the right. Jet had 3 teeth taken out this week and a wart removed from the pad of one of her back paws. She's a new girl! Seriously, she's a quite different dog from when I first got them. I noticed a difference last week when the antibiotics from the vet kicked in but now the teeth are gone she's much more energetic, fun-seeking and affectionate! Clearly the teeth were hurting her badly.
They are really lovely girls, even if not always as obedient as I'd like! I'm working on it and have now got Jazz returning the stick so I can throw it again. That feels like quite an achievement, I must say, having never trained a dog before. Jet being more affectionate is a lovely development - I had felt she was a bit distant and perhaps not happily accepting me as top dog but clearly she was simply in pain!
Here's another of them in the water:

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