Monday, 7 July 2008

Guess who's living with me now!

After all that disappointment on Friday night about the dogs needing rehoming, I got a phone call on Saturday evening to let me know that the other interested party hadn't followed through and that the dogs' owners wanted me to have first choice. What a turnabout!! It all moved so fast after that and I travelled south to pick them up yesterday!!!!!!!!!
So let me introduce to you... Jet and Jazz, mother and daughter, aged 10 and 8 respectively:

This is a photo taken (as you can see from the date) at their previous owners, which I've included cos it's a closeup. Here's a photo of us with my grandson in sunny (for a while!) Glencoe yesterday:
While it's wonderful to have them, it's very much tempered by the fact that it was very emotional for the previous owner which, in turn, was emotional for us. We drove away feeling very sad indeed about the whole thing. It was heartbreaking for him to say goodbye to them, and heartbreaking to witness and be the prime mover in it! I'm sure the girls think they'll be going home sometime soon, but they seem to be fairly content with things as they are just now. I now have a full 2 weeks holiday from work in which to get to know them and to spend lots of time with them. I'm still feeling quite tentative about the whole thing, just in case the previous owner changes his mind and wants them back!
They are beautiful girls, just lovely, very friendly and placid but also ready for fun at the least notice! It was quite something to get up to happy tail-wagging dogs this morning!! I had to do a day's work today but was able to take them into the workshop with me and they lay quietly while I worked. Walking them is going to be so good for me! I just love having the excuse and purpose to be out of doors!!

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Anonymous said...

What sweet doggies! I'm sure they'll bring you lots of joy!