Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Sickness and stars for SP

I'm not well today... :-( I'm not at all sure what's wrong but I woke up with a very bad throat and a sore head after a night of very broken sleep and crazy dreams. I knew before I went to bed that something was wrong, I could feel it in my throat. I could barely speak when I first got up this morning but it's got better as the day's gone on. In the end I stayed in bed, dozing in and out and listening to the radio, til nearly 2 pm!! I guess it's some kind of virus. I still don't feel well but I'm better than this morning.
It occured to me that I've never let my Secret Pal know that stars are my thing! Some people like hearts, some like butterflies, some even like frogs, or elephants, or cats! Stars are my thing. In the early 70s when motifs like hearts and butterflies were in, I decided on 5 pointed stars. Only 5 pointed stars, mind! They don't have any other kind of significance (not pentagrams or anything witchcrafty!), except that I like them and find them pleasing to the eye. I even have two star tattoos, though I have to say I regret them and would warn anyone off getting a tatoo. Life and tastes change and tattoos are very permanent!

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Anonymous said...

Stars, huh? I'm off to find some starry goodness...

~secret pal~