Monday, 7 July 2008

Inspirational MASSIVE rethink on stash building

While I tried to sleep on Saturday night - unsuccessfully due to the anticipation of soon having two dogs in my care! - I was finally inspired (I've been waiting a long time for it!) to create knitted artwork. The idea of knitted pictures isn't new to me but this idea of more than just pictures - creative exploratory expressionist artwork - which could only ever be unique to the creator, ie me! - is. I guess it's an expansion of the idea of freeform but it wouldn't (I think) look much like freeform at all. My first idea is pretty set in my mind and something dawned on me regarding stash building - that I will need a large and varied stash in order to be able to choose yarns for knitting the artworks. RTT has a large selection of donated yarns which I will be able to pick and choose from but these are mainly plain old yarns and I would also like to build a really varied stash of my own, with lots of different, unusual and textured yarns. And I will probably only need a little of each!! Yippee!! I now have the excuse to covet and accumulate after all...!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I just need to find the time to do it. My new girls are going to take up quite a bit more of my time. :-)

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