Thursday, 14 August 2008

SP question 10

What Olympic event would best describe you knitting/knitting style?
My first thought was the marathon, but only when I think of my Orkney Pi, which has been on the needles since February!
Knitting with dpns makes me think of archery! I like to knit fast with dpns, with fine yarn, and it feels like a precision activity(!), needing accuracy. And then there's fencing, and shooting, though I don't like the idea of the speeding bullet and the connotation of harm associated with it.
(I have a cold and am too fuzzy-headed to be witty so don't expect too much of me, anyone!)
What sport includes lots of false starts, I wonder? Perhaps trampolining - lots of highs with some false landings?!
What would denote lots of frogging and number crunching? Synchronised swimming perhaps?
I'm labelled (and sometimes criticised for being) a perfectionist and it seems to me that, with the notion of sharp needles and the need for precision, archery or fencing are the most appropriate Olympic sports for me. There! Round the houses and back again!

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