Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Socks and sickness

I've been ill for two weeks now with a horrible virus / cold. Others have described it to me as a flu that goes away and comes back again. As I ache a lot anyway (ME), I didn't notice the aching bones but I did feel I was almost well towards the end of last week until, on Saturday, I felt like I'd caught a new cold! It's been very inconvenient at work as we have our AGM this Saturday but I'm glad to say they're managing without me! On top of it, I caught a sickness and diarrohea bug from my daughter via her son via a friend who was sick at his birthday sleepover on Saturday, and came down with it on Monday evening. That was no joke. I never want to go through that again, ever. I was weak and wobbly yesterday and still sleeping off and on, not even well enough to feel like picking up the knitting needles! So I'm very slow with those socks, but I am getting there and will have to get busy clicking on something else soon. Hmmm... now what...?
Tummy's still a bit wobbly today which, for an eater like me, is frustrating and pretty miserable!

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