Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Coming out from under the bushel

Following a conversation at RTT last week about keeping your light under a bushel and a conversation yesterday about my children's knitwear designs from the 80s, I took in a large pile of photos that I compiled about 10 years ago (and have since added to) to remind myself that I am creative, and showed them to 3 of my colleagues. It's my intention to add all these photos to this blog, once I've scanned them, as this is simply an online 21st century version of what I intended when I compiled that group of photos. They go all the way back to 1979, when I designed my first jumper at the tender age of 23!
It wasn't a comfortable experience for me, I have to say, although my colleagues were suitably appreciative and actively enjoyed what I'd done, especially my cakes! As one of them said, "It's not showing off when people enjoy what you do!" It's a good idea, for me at least, to remember that creativity is (can be / I like it to be!)...

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