Thursday, 10 June 2010

FAILED! and revelation

I have failed the 20 minute challenge! Not once have I done any of the things on the list! It just hasn't worked into my days in the past week, it would work better when I'm not busy. I only have a certain amount of energy after all.

I have designed a shadow knitting pattern (not the one in my challenge list), and taken part in a day's painting class, however, creating two paintings and two drawings. Oh and created a birthday card for a friend's birthday.

I think though that my most important task should be to get my spare room studio sorted. Then I can spend time in there and do the other things on the list.

I had a (fairly obvious, really!) revelation today. I was at an art day with a local artist and one of my "classmates" was saying how she finds painting / drawing, etc, very relaxing, it's very much time out for her and a bit like a meditation. As a born-again Christian, I'm wary of what is a Buddhist(?) practice, so looked for a Christian alternative. And I realised that I could see it as prayer. This fits very neatly for me, as my guilt about not using my talent is based on the fact that it's a God given gift. If I can use that gift as prayer, all the better!

I will mull this over (prayerfully).

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