Sunday, 28 December 2008

The rest of the advent decorations!

In no particular order...
For some reason, Jamie wants his tree leaning against his bedroom wall! So most of the decorations are hanging two together on the "nipples" and none are round the back of the tree! In the end many of the later ones ended up on the proper Christmas tree!
Not all of the decorations are from Alan Dart's Advent Tree - some are adapted from his Advent Calendar. The sweetie is my own design. I've also adapted all of them to suit, leaving out bits or adding others. The observant among you may have noticed there are only 24. I've always had advent calendars with only 24 windows on them but that's not the reason why... I just ran out of steam and, because I was behind, Jamie was none the wiser. However on the day after Boxing Day, he asked if there was another decoration for him, so I've given him the option of choosing from those patterns that are left and I'll knit one more. There are 25 "nipples" on the tree after all!

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