Thursday, 29 May 2008


Knitting has begun to take over my life - thinking, spare time, spending. I've renewed my passion for it and have joined Ravelry, the social networking(!) site for knitters - yes, there is a social networking site for knitters. My Ravelry name is knittinggran - no guesses there!
I've joined several online groups and taken part in a KAL (knitalong) knitting an Orkney shawl by
Liz Lovick, though it's far from finished.
Sock Wars III was fun, if a bit fraught with problems, and has given me a taste for international knit swapping! My target was/is in Colorado and my assassin was in Florida! So I sent a pair of socks to Colorado (above top) and received a pair from Florida (above bottom).
Onto post 4!

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